"To inspire and guide you to create strategies that will help you achieve professional & personal success through powerful self-transformation."

Ilhiana Rojas Saldana, CPC

Ilhiana is a Transformation Strategy Coach & Consultant, a Diversity & Inclusion Catalyst, a Hispanic advocate, and an international motivational speaker. She is a possibility thinker and firm believer that nothing is impossible.

Her mission is to enable professionals to move from ordinary to extraordinary through meaningful transformation by expanding their potential, embrace their purpose, ignite their brand, and thrive through personal empowerment. Specializing in leadership development, diversity & inclusion, high-performing teamwork, purpose-driven culture mindset, resilient & agile behaviors, and brand identity development, Ilhiana guides professionals and businesses to maximize workplace performance, engagement, and collaboration.

With over 20 years of executive experience leading and coaching professionals, teams, and businesses into success for notable Fortune 500 companies, Ilhiana understands the mindset, skillset, and behaviors required to achieve success. Always attracted to unconventional challenges, she owes her accomplishments to being open to new opportunities, constantly moving out of her comfort zone. Throughout her journey, she has learned that being good at a job is not enough to achieve a successful and fulfilling career. It’s also essential to be aligned with your purpose.


In addition to coaching, Ilhiana is actively involved in different Diversity & Inclusion initiatives with a particular focus to empower the Hispanic population in the US.

Ilhiana graduated with honors as a Chemical Engineer in Mexico City, and moved to Rhode Island 9 years ago with her husband and two daughters.

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