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The best project you'll ever work on is YOU

To have a fulfilling life, you must have a purpose and a path that drive you in the right direction. However, finding that purpose or crafting that path can be a difficult task 

Our comprehensive Personal Growth Workshops will guide you to uncover and Unleash your Life Purpose and strengthen your

Personal Brand, so you can achieve your LIFE goals and

Live your Life to your full potential. 

Whichever workshop you choose, you can expect plenty of

"Aha!" moments and tangible results during our sessions together.

IKIGAI means "the reason why you wake up in the morning", and through our workshops that is exactly what you will find: your Life Purpose

And why is this so important?

Once you have a Life Purpose, you will feel in control. You will be energized and feel the satisfaction of doing what you love. When you have a purpose in life, you start striving to accomplish it rather than just doing something that you are not passionate about. 

 The IKIGAI Workshops will give you the tools you need to uncover your Life Purpose. They will allow you to reconnect with your own self and give you the focus you need, find your inner peace and carve a path to a rewarding and fulfilling life. 

Let me help you ignite your Passion!



"Be fearless in the pursuit that sets your Soul on FIRE!"

MERAKI means "the essence of yourself that is put into your work". It's all about who you are and what makes you

unique - your Personal Brand 

Did you know everyone has one? A Personal Brand is what people say about when you're not with them.

Having a Powerful Personal Brand enables you to stand out from the crowd giving you a competitive edge. It helps build credibility, authenticity and gain recognition. Having a Powerful Personal Brand will help you fulfill your career and personal goals. 


The MERAKI Workshops are tailored to guide you to build a Powerful Personal Brand, and most importantly  ensure that it is consistent across all your touchpoints (from in-person to social media). 

You are your best Brand,

Let me help you make it Outstanding!



"Let your image consume people's memories"

Let's partner on what workshop works best for you